New Music Videos, Old Albums & Clothing

New Music Videos by Joseph Demaree from his latest album The Invisible Hand

Floating on a Breath Shattered Castles Sympathy for the Devil

Old Music Sees the Light, Again!

If you purchase a FDS Album get $5 off a new T-Shirt!!!

Flying Dead Skin - Self Titled (Re-Mastered Album from Joe's High School Punk Band Recorded in 1991)

Flying Dead Skin - Suspicion Breeds Confidence & Nothing Matters (Re-Mastered Album Recorded in 1992)

Ringwurm - When God's Collide (Re-Mastered, Thor Cover, originally released by Probe Records in 1999)

Skippy The Bush Kangaroo Compilation (Recorded around 1998-2001 in Joe's garage in San Jose CA. National and local bands watched episodes of Skippy and made songs about it!!!) This one's Free:)!

New Clothing Designs Created by Joseph Demaree
Limited Run Clothing Designs Available until August 2020

Dragon Rider T-Shirt $5 off when you purchase Joseph Demaree's album:

The Invisible Hand

Flying Dead Skin 2020 T-Shirt $5 off when you purchase an album by

Flying Dead Skin!

Wildflowers Design

T-Shirt, Tank Top, Bikini, Dress

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