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Joseph Demaree

Dragon Rider T-Shirt
$5 off when you purchase Joseph Demaree's album: The Invisible Hand

Flying Dead Skin 2020 T-Shirt
$5 off when you purchase an album by Flying Dead Skine!

Wildflowers Design

T-Shirt, Tank Top, Bikini, Dress

Living in Portugal

I'm now living in the Algarve region of Portugal with my sweetheart Janel. We traveled around Portugal and Spain for a month and a half, settling in Albufiera for a month. We now have a year lease in Armação de Pêra where we are making home. Lots of good food, hikes, bike rides, a new garden, yoga and a hell of a view! Of course this whole virus thing got really weird when we were in Nazaree, but this area seems to be more chill. We did have to ware masks to the market the other day or we could get fined... but we are staying positive and keeping up a healthy lifestyle. I do miss the states, I miss skateboarding, friends, playing music, speaking to people easily & my Mom.


I have been painting and playing music. New artworks coming soon, for now they are forming in my head. A new album has made it's way out as "The Invisible Hand". I recorded this on an acoustic guitar I acquired once we settled down in Albufiera. Big thumbs up to the app BandLab! I recently found this app and it helped spark this album. I've been working with Troy Gardner re-releasing my old catalog. So far the Skippy compilation and two FDS albums have been dusted off as well as new T-Shirts and clothing designs manifested.


Looking forward to meeting new people. I have been grinding my brows working on the language. From our balcony you can hear the waves sing and watch the people do their thing. I'm available for Illustration work and Fine Art Commission's as well as video work as a team with Janel Sterbentz of GreenEdge Studios. Check out our recent Music Videos to see some of the great shots we've been catching. Stay healthy and take care. - Joe

New Album!!!

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