The Music of Joseph Demaree


Free as a bird on a wire... This artist continues to play with sound, songwriting and storytelling. At the age of 14, Joseph began singing in a punk band, forever since, he has been hooked. He has toured on and released many different albums under many different names with many different sounds. He has been the front man, the new guy, and the drummer. He has recorded many of his own albums as well as other bands projects. He's always been interested in the art of music making. Today Demaree plays with a relaxed tone, tomorrow, who knows where the sounds will move him. 


Live 2018 Tour

Joseph Demaree

16 Songs

May 9 - July 27 Solo Tour

Unbroken Spirit

Joseph Demaree 

iPhone recording 5/7/15

New Frontiers

by Joseph Demaree, from the short film "The Eighth City" on Neo Tribalist Films by Greg Lowe. Recorded 5/2012 on "(demo)"

To The King

Joseph Demaree

"Sleeping On A Cloud in Heaven"

Watching The Wheels

Joseph Demaree

Song by John Lennon

Stuck On It

Joseph Demaree with Muller and Tomek

from "Stuck On It" 12/30/12

Live in Boise ID

Joseph Demaree

2 Songs

June 10 2018

Long Awaited

Joseph Demaree

Live Webcam Video 2/7/15

House of Cards

Joseph Demaree Live at Stonehouse Brewery in Nevada City CA 7/14/13 

Trip Inside This House

Captain Nowhere

from "Party Time Inc." 6/24/11

Lost Eyes

The Unit Breed

from "Lost Eyes" 2007

Welcome Home

The Unit Breed

from "NOW!!!" 2010

Fallen 8

The Unit Breed

from "The Long Long Everlasting" 2004

Surfin' Bird

The Unit Breed 

Live at Thirsty Pagan in Superior WI 12/5/08

Will She Come

The Unit Breed 

from "The Long Long Everlasting" 2004