The Video's of Joseph Demaree


Joseph has always had interest in the movies. Growing up in a suburban house with that dang TV on forced Demaree's undeveleoped kitch bone into many of wacky half grins. A fan of The Muppet Show, Ren & Stimpy, MTV, The Breakfast Club, National Lampoon's Vacation, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Spider-Man, Groundhog Day, The Holy Mountain, etc...;) Demaree continues to work on several unfinished movie scripts. 


Joseph Demaree Live 2018 Tour

From his most recent "Endless Art & Music" tour through WA, OR, CA, AZ, UT, ID. 

Hawaiian Landscapes

Oil Paintings En Plein Air Nov 2014- July 2015

A documentary of Demaree's plein air work.

Welcome Back! Ep 26 Teaser

Welcome Back! is a cable access TV show that aired on CreaTV 2010-2011. Created by Joseph Demaree.

We Still Skate

When life was about skateboarding, comic books, and punk rock music.

Plein Air Painting at Torrey Pines

Demaree joined the Art in the Pines Festival 2012 and made this short film.

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Lost Eyes 

From The Unit Breed's album "Lost Eyes" 2007. Demaree released this album with a DVD of collaged Music Video's.

Late Nights with Yee ha

Demaree followed his neighbors cat Yee ha to make this music video.